Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flood - Romania (Bucharest) MAY

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Emergency teams rescued dozens of people after a flash flood swept through five villages in Romania Tuesday, inundating houses and damaging roads and bridges.

Heavy rain caused the flooding in the western county of Cluj, authorities said.

"Everybody was asleep. People took refuge wherever they could, some in the attics, and waited to be rescued," said Silviu Boldor, the mayor of one of the flooded villages.

Authorities said the flooding cut off the villages, affecting at least 1,300 people and damaging more than 200 houses.

In Arad county, also in western Romania, hundreds of acres of wheat and other crops were flooded, and dozens of roofs were damaged in a hail storm.

No casualties were immediately reported.

Romania suffered heavy flooding in 2005 and 2007, when scores of villages and towns were inundated. Seven people died in the 2007 disaster. - Source


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